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one life wing it

Nov 5, 2018

Set in Rawtenstall Lancashire this is the first part of the true story of  Rita O’Brian. On Friday March 24th 1968 the 16 year old Rita was babysitting, that night she went missing.

Mar 21, 2018

See a penny pick it up the rest of the day you'll have good luck.  If you listen to this on a day with a Y in it you'll have a better life.

Jul 26, 2017

Mark Whiteley is an actor, writer and theatre producer from the UK.  He has written numerous plays and stories for the theatre.  He won the MTA for Thick As Thieves.

Many people have many ways to write, here's some of the tricks I've learnt along the way.

Idea – the idea is the most important part of writing my...

Jul 7, 2017

When writer Mark and nurse practitioner Joanne tied the knot in Nashville Tennessee there was a little niggling doubt in the backs of their minds. You see, this couple hadn’t told a soul that they were getting married, and they had 100 guests invited to their ‘real’ wedding back in the UK when they got home.


Jul 1, 2017

For 10 years we have been producing a show for young people in this episode we answer a few questions about how it came about.